Hardscape Photos
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Hardscape - some completed, some works-in-progress

Flagstone paths...the first step in a lawn-replacing front yard garden....

Rain garden and cobble block raised bed

This rain garden was put in to divert water from the roof downspouts and off of a terraced rock garden into a brick-edged colored gravel bed and ultimately into a bed of fragrant Clethra Alnifolia shrubs.  This was done due to a history of water in the basement and also to create a functional garden/hardscape out of a hard to maintain grass area....

The front curbside cobble block raised bed was just installed in fall 2008 and planted with Siberian Iris.  Hopefully summer 2009 will produce colorful photos showing progress in the form of successively-blooming daylilies...

Patio in Easton, Massachusetts

The patio pictured below was completed in 2002 by Creative Gardens and the property owner working together (there are memories of the snow flurries as we were finishing up, one week before Thanksgiving!).  The patio has been thoroughly enjoyed since then, the garden being a labor of love by the property owner.

Scarborough Walkway
(pictures opposite)  Two views of a walkway between houses in a family compound at Scarborough Beach.  The walk will eventually continue to connect the houses.