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Vistas at Creative Gardens

These are views of my own cottage garden.....I speculate that if you scratch and sniff your computer screen, you will get a scent!

Van Houtte Spirea cascades in front...greenhouse window donated by a wonderful customer!

Street tree Malus Almey (flowering crabapple) is now 6 feet tall

All-season potted Boxwood (Buxus) on front porch

Two-bin compost is made of (free) wood pallets! Want one? Ask me!

My dog, Hayley, on duty guarding the crops...

"Peace" rose (pink), "Mr. Lincoln" (red), Golden Showers climber in rear

These annual Shasta daisys come up as volunteers where my summer veges need to go...

Delphinium (blue) on the way to a Buddleia (butterfly bush) and Clematis Montana (white) climbing on the garage

two out of five lilacs (all different varieties) that came with my house

another view of the rose garden with alyssum saxatile off-season

summer blue Veronica Spicata (backbround), white Baby's Breath, Nikko Blue Hydrangea kept small

oops! rose bed with winter drainage pipes left on too long

green wire fences keep dogs Hayley and Brandy on the path and out of the gardens!

arbor supports seedless table grapes and is the entrance to the compost