Why Creative Gardens is Different
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Organic:  no chemicals are used to fight garden pests, only practical organic strategies; only organic soil amendments are used (including homegrown composted bunny manure!); additionally, no hazardous and noisy power tools are used...all my work is hand work!  "Organic Inclination" on my business card means that in dire circumstances (like R.I. is presently experiencing now with the dreaded lily leaf beetle..) I will suggest treatment with a pest defense such as Merit, however I am not licensed to apply these chemicals, but my customers can, in their own gardens.

I limit my customers per season so I can work for everyone personally in a timely fashion...so when you hire Creative Gardens you always have me working in your garden, not some employee who you don't know!

Straightforwardness...as my college students said on my teaching evaluations during my 21 years as a teacher, "she is fair".  My prices and policies are written right here on this website; there are no hidden costs or gray areas.  Most customers who have employed other landscape professionals feel they have spent less totally with Creative Gardens and enjoyed my work more.  Skeptical?  I can supply references and testimonials from people who have been customers for years!

I have been in business since 1990 and I don't think retirement will happen in my lifetime!

I try to keep costs low which means the hourly rate remains reasonable...as you can see this is a free website (thanks United Online!) and most of you got my card at wonderful Whole Foods Market, or were referred by a customer who got a little reward for that referral (see "policies").

Drylaid Stonework/Hardscape  Although not a mason by trade, I have 20 years experience, beginning with my own garden (see photos), putting in brick, cobblestone and flagstone walks and patios, and most recently cobble block raised beds.  Please check out the Hardscape Photos on the website menu.  This summer I am experimenting with pebble mosaics and hope to add that to my services.  I will happily supply references upon request. 

Community Service and Neighborhood Beautification:  In 2000 I provided design plans to Keep Providence Beautiful  (now Groundwork Providence) for five down-city Providence Adopt-a-Spots.  KPB then markets those spots to sponsors and KPB's youth "Green Teams" plant and maintain them.   Prior to that in 1999 I began maintaining my own Adopt-a-Spot at the junction of Chalkstone and Manton Avenues in Mount Pleasant.  Every year I clean up, mulch and maintain the shrub roses, red-leaf sand cherrys, spirea and daylilies on this traffic island in my neighborhood.  When I can, I take neighborhood kids to the spot to learn about garden care, and encourage them to apply for Groundwork Providence  "Green Teams" (see photos below). 

Unexpected Extras...Most all garden people, especially people in the business are more than generous with those little extras like abundant harvests and beautiful flowers and plants.  So I suppose Creative Gardens isn't that different than other garden businesses in the area of enjoying lifes treats.  But be assured that the "fun" element is always present in all that I do in life (another comment from my college students!) and bumper blueberry crops, Summer Solstice Garden Tours, fresh herbs, bunny manure and heirloom rhubarb plants are just what makes gardening the best profession to be in!

Garden scenes at Creative Gardens (left)

Neighborhood youth gardeners help out at Creative Gardens' Adopt-a-Spot at the junction of Chalkstone and Manton Avenues in Providence.  As their school bus drives by this traffic island, they proudly tell their schoolmates that it is their garden....and it is!